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Vueron Technology unveils next-generation ADAS and smart infra solution at CES 2024

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  • Revealing next-generation technologies for social safety
  • Enthusiastic response from the CES participants

With the use of LiDAR dramatically increasing in the global market, Vueron Technology, a participant in CES 2024, is showing clients the superiority of its products based on the outstanding performance and reliability of the technology it has developed.

Vueron Technology (“Vueron”), a leading LiDAR solution provider, announced on Jan. 10 that it received enthusiastic responses from participants at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 (“CES2024”), the world’s largest IT and consumer electronics exhibition held in Las Vegas, from January 9 to 12, by unveiling several next-generation technologies and products that will be responsible for social safety in the future, such as ADAS and smart infrastructure based on LiDAR.

Vueron Technology exhibiting at the CES 2024
Courtesy of Vueron Technology

Located in the LVCC West Hall, a hub for mobility companies, Vueron will feature a Vueron Mini Car equipped with LiDAR solutions for driverless vehicles in the booth. Visitors can also experience Smart Crowd Analytics (“SCA”), the honoree of the CES®2024 Innovation Award in the Smart City sector.

According to Vueron, “Visitors can experience a ‘live demo’ ride through downtown Las Vegas in a LiDAR self-driving vehicle powered by VueOne+, which the company plans to release in 2024. There will also be a networking party with automotive OEMs, Tier 1s, and representatives of autonomous driving. All events are now open for registration on Vueron’s website.”

VueOne+, featuring collaborations such as the integration of VueOne’s perception solution with Tier-1’s LiDAR, was a focal point of interest. The LiDAR solutions by Vueron boast high object detection performance, meeting international safety standards for automotive and smart infrastructure applications.

SCA, the flagship product of VueTwo, Vueron’s Smart Infrastructure solution VueTwo, was awarded the CES® 2024 Innovation Award in the Smart Cities category. VueTwo has garnered the attention of global infrastructure companies and governments around the world. Based on the proven performance with the SCA, the company is moving its business beyond People Tracking Analytics and diving into the larger market of safety and security. Vueron is already working in collaboration with various SI providers globally.

“Customers are increasingly seeking LiDAR solutions, but it is not easy to find the optimal solution for their needs,” stated Joseph Kim, CEO of Vueron. “We’re excited to showcase our high-performance solutions at CES 2024, where we prepare for demonstrations and meetings to help clients who need them.”

LiDAR solution is an innovative technology poised to receive higher demand and expectations across various industries in the future; we are confident that we will set standards in this field and provide a new paradigm to the industry.

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