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Vueron Technology taps the global market with smart city solutions

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ITS and Smart Infrastructure Solution ‘VueTwo’

Focusing on overseas smart city market

A ‘VueTwo’ solution that can detect pedestrians in crosswalks. / Courtesy of Vueron Technology

Vueron Technology (CEO Joseph Kim, hereinafter referred to as Vueron), a company specializing in LiDAR autonomous driving solution, announced on the 28th that it will actively take part in the global smart city infrastructure projects in earnest.

At a time when Saudi Arabia’s largest existing low-carbon smart city construction project “Neom City Project” is drawing global attention, Vueron aims to globally penetrate ITS & smart infrastructure markets with their unrivaled LiDAR technology. 

Based on its self-developed perception algorithms, Vueron provides ‘VueOne’, an automotive LiDAR solution and also ‘VueTwo’, smart infrastructure and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) LiDAR solution. 

“With our technological excellence in LiDAR perception solution, we have entered the overseas smart city & ITS markets using the best applicable solution, VueTwo.” said Joseph Kim, CEO of Vueron. “We have successfully completed proof of concept on building infrastructure for queuing in densely populated areas such as domestic and overseas airports, taxi stands, and shopping malls. With a high performing outcome, we’re having further discussions on not only the installation of additional locations but starting the actual business” he said.

Joseph also mentioned, “As part of the smart city construction project overseas, we have successfully completed the pilot project for smart poles as well. In terms of ITS, we are working with several government-owned corporations to identify traffic volume, detect unexpected situations, and optimize signals on major highways in Seoul with LiDAR”, he said.

Vueron is working on various congestion-related projects both within and outside of Korea based on the accuracy of its people-counting solution. In addition, active business discussions and expansions are underway across the area of smart infrastructure, such as parking control, military surveillance, and industrial safety based on successful global cases.

On top of that, Vueron is successfully also conducting a proof of concept in cold-chain delivery using eco-friendly self-driving trucks for the first time in Korea, drawing attention by participating in CES 2023 and unveiling an eco-friendly truck self-driving solution accordingly.

Joseph Kim stated, “Smart city area that our VueTwo – an ITS and smart infrastructure perception solution – targets is one of the areas that drives the growth of the LiDAR market. Our goal is to grow into a global company that creates standards for LiDAR application solutions through advancements in smart city solutions, as well as autonomous driving solutions.” 

Founded in 2019, Vueron Technology has successfully closed their pre-A round with 8.4 million dollar worth investment after attracting seed investment from Naver D2SF in the early days of its foundation.

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