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Kodiak Robotics to use Ambrella AI Domain Controller SoC for autonomous trucks
Aeva Selected by Top Global Automotive OEM to Directly Supply LiDAR for its Series Production Program
LeddarTech completes $59M SPAC Nasdaq listing
Lidwave’s 4D LiDAR Sensor Is Now Available on Cognata, Microsoft, and AMD’s New Sensor Perception Hub on Azure
PreAct Technologies
PreAct Technologies unveils new flash LiDAR sensors at CES

1. Kodiak Robotics to use Ambrella AI Domain Controller SoC for autonomous trucks

    • Kodiak Robotics is integrating Ambarella’s CV3-AD685 AI domain control system-on-chip (SoC) as a complete embedded compute system for its self-driving trucks.
    • The CV3-AD685 SoC provides a comprehensive embedded solution for Kodiak’s multi-sensor perception, fusion, and path planning, capable of running neural networks while processing data from multiple cameras, lidars, and radars.
    • Kodiak has previously used Ambarella’s CV2 AI perception SoC, logging over 300,000 miles and completing more than 875 loads, demonstrating the capability of their autonomous system in highway trucking environments.
    • The CV3-AD685 enhances the Kodiak Driver software by turning sensor data into actionable insights with lower latency, reduced power consumption, and higher reliability.
    • Kodiak plans to showcase an autonomous truck at Ambarella’s invitation-only event during CES, emphasizing the collaborative progress in autonomous trucking achieved through their partnership.

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The integration of Ambarella’s CV3-AD685 SoC signifies a significant advancement in Kodiak’s autonomous truck technology, emphasizing improved processing performance, lower latency, and increased reliability. The successful utilization of Ambarella’s previous CV2 AI perception SoC for extensive real-world trucking applications suggests the robustness of their hardware in demanding highway environments.

2. Aeva Selected by Top Global Automotive OEM to Directly Supply LiDAR for its Series Production Program

    • Aeva, a leader in sensing and perception systems, has been chosen by a top global automotive OEM as its Tier 1 LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) supplier for a series production vehicle program.
    • Aeva claims that this win is one of its class’s largest automotive series production awards, marking a significant achievement for the company.
      The selection positions Aeva to become a trusted direct Tier 1 supplier to automotive OEMs on a global scale.
    • The awarded program involves a multi-year production plan, and revenues are anticipated to start generating in the first quarter of 2024, with production ramping up by mid-decade.
    • This win is particularly notable as the OEM is transitioning to Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology, and it represents Aeva’s first major production success with a top global automotive OEM.
    • Soroush Salehian, Co-Founder and CEO at Aeva emphasizes the importance of this win as a defining moment for both Aeva and the automated driving industry, highlighting years of effort, collaboration, and qualification of their 4D LiDAR technology.
    • More details about this significant program are expected to be revealed by Aeva and the OEM in early 2024.

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Aeva’s selection as a Tier 1 LiDAR supplier for a major automotive OEM signals the increasing importance of advanced sensing and perception systems in the automotive industry, particularly for automated driving applications. Adopting Aeva’s technology for a series production vehicle program highlights the industry’s shift towards advanced LiDAR solutions and the significance of transitioning to FMCW technology.

3. LeddarTech completes $59M SPAC Nasdaq listing

    • LeddarTech, originally known for pioneering automotive lidar technology, has shifted its focus to sensor fusion software.
    • The Quebec City-based company raised $59 million in a Nasdaq listing through a special-purpose acquisitions company (SPAC) called Prospector Capital. The deal was completed in late December, and LeddarTech shares are now traded on the Nasdaq Global Market under the ticker symbols “LDTC” and “LDTCW”.
    • The deal, which initially anticipated $66 million in gross proceeds, resulted in a total of $58.6 million, comprising $44 million from a convertible “private investment in public equity” (PIPE) arrangement and $14.6 million from the SPAC trust.
    • LeddarTech CEO Charles Boulanger has stepped down, and Frantz Saintellemy, the company’s COO, has taken over as CEO. The increased working capital from the partnership with Prospector is expected to solidify LeddarTech’s position in the automotive software sector.
    • LeddarTech, founded in 2007, initially focused on 3D detection and ranging technology, and Osram acquired a 25% share in the company in 2016.
    • However, LeddarTech later shifted its focus from hardware to software, raising $140 million in a series D funding round in February 2022.
    • LeddarTech’s “LeddarVision” products, capable of combining camera imagery with data from radar and lidar sensors, find applications in park assist, adaptive cruise control, collision warning systems, automated emergency braking, blind-spot detection, and more.
    • The new CEO, Frantz Saintellemy, sees LeddarTech becoming a predominant automotive software supplier in the future, with a focus on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions.
    • Derek Aberle, former Qualcomm executive, and current chairman at LeddarTech, believes the company is poised to be a disruptive leader in supplying safer, higher-performing, and cost-effective software solutions for ADAS and autonomous driving.
    • LeddarTech will be unveiling its new “LeddarVision Surround” software, described as a “premium fusion and perception stack,” at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

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LeddarTech’s strategic shift from hardware to software reflects the evolving landscape of the automotive technology sector, particularly in the context of ADAS and autonomous driving solutions. The successful fundraising and Nasdaq listing provide LeddarTech with increased capital to further develop and market its sensor fusion software for automotive applications.

4. Lidwave’s 4D LiDAR Sensor Is Now Available on Cognata, Microsoft, and AMD’s New Sensor Perception Hub on Azure

    • Lidwave, a developer of LiDAR-on-a-chip sensors, announces the availability of its MonoStaticOne sensor for simulation in industrial and automotive applications.
    • The simulation is conducted on Cognata’s perception hub, hosted on Microsoft Azure, and utilizes AMD processors and GPUs.
    • Lidwave’s 4D sensor utilizes unique coherent properties of light to extract depth information with enhanced sensitivity and Instantaneous Velocity information, overcoming traditional LiDAR and RADAR system limitations.
    • The proprietary FCRTM (Finite Coherent Ranging) technology provides a comprehensive understanding of scene dynamics in real-time, streaming raw data of Range, Reflectivity, and Instantaneous Velocity per pixel.
    • Cognata’s ADPH platform incorporates accurate sensor modeling, integrating various sensors, including Lidwave’s 4D LiDAR, for precise performance simulation.
    • The collaboration between Lidwave and Cognata aims to provide a reliable simulation tool for automation developers, integrators, and OEMs to experience the advantages of Lidwave’s 4D sensor in autonomous driving, smart cities, robotics, etc.
    • Lidwave’s 4D LiDAR capabilities will be showcased at CES 2024 in collaboration with Cognata, demonstrating its integration in different safety scenes, long-distance road surface sensing, and more.

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Lidwave’s 4D LiDAR, with its unique coherent properties, addresses the limitations of traditional LiDAR and RADAR systems, providing a real-time understanding of scene dynamics without complex computation. The integration of Lidwave’s sensor into Cognata’s ADPH platform aligns with the industry’s goal of promoting collaboration between sensor suppliers and automotive manufacturers to advance the development of safer and more advanced vehicles.

5. PreAct Technologies unveils new flash LiDAR sensors at CES

    • PreAct Technologies, an Oregon-based near-field flash LiDAR technology developer, has introduced a new line of flash LiDAR sensors named Sahara, Borrego, and Moab.
    • These sensors cater to various industries, including agriculture, healthcare, smart cities, retail, security, transportation, and education, providing affordable and powerful 3D mapping and modeling capabilities.
    • The launch aims to provide a competitive alternative to the outdated technologies dominating the $30 billion near-field sensing market.
    • The sensors, Sahara, Borrego, and Moab, offer flexibility and software-definability, allowing the creation of different form factors to meet diverse market requirements.
    • Sahara is designed for outdoor applications, such as robotics, automotive, trucking, and university research, providing up to 20 meters of sensing capabilities. It has an IP69K rating for durability in intense ambient light settings.
    • Borrego focuses on extended, narrow space coverage for security, logistics, and agriculture, featuring Bluetooth connectivity for cost-effective installations.
    • Moab, an advanced version of PreAct’s Mojave LiDAR sensor, incorporates Nvidia’s Jetson Nano AI capabilities and is suitable for education, healthcare, smart cities, agriculture, retail, and security applications.
    • PreAct Technologies emphasizes the GDPR compliance and 100% solid-state nature of its sensors, ensuring data privacy regulations are met.
    • The new line of sensors aims to provide high-resolution, affordable LiDAR solutions, setting new standards for quality and accuracy across a broad spectrum of industries.

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The emphasis on compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, underscores the importance of addressing concerns related to the handling of sensitive information in sensor technologies. As LiDAR continues to play a crucial role in advancing industries, PreAct Technologies aims to provide affordable yet high-resolution solutions, potentially disrupting the near-field sensing market dominated by outdated technologies.

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