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Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc. Makes New Investment in Mobileye Global Inc.
RoboSense Joins NVIDIA Omniverse Ecosystem
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EASE Logistics is first in U.S. to deploy automated trucking technology on revenue-generating routes
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Toyota to develop autonomous light vehicle run on Komatsu’s AHS
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Hitachi Astemo Develops Autonomous Driving Technology That Enables Cooperative Behavior On Narrow Roads

1. Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc. Makes New Investment in Mobileye Global Inc.

    • Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc. acquired 124,232 shares of Mobileye Global Inc. (NASDAQ:MBLY) during the fourth quarter. The value of the acquired shares is approximately $4,356,000.
    • This acquisition represents approximately 0.24% ownership of Mobileye Global by Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc.
    • Several other hedge funds and institutional investors also added or reduced their stakes in Mobileye Global during the same period.
    • Migdal Insurance & Financial Holdings Ltd., Zurcher Kantonalbank Zurich Cantonalbank, Private Trust Co. NA, Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Ltd., and LPL Financial LLC are among the other investors who acquired positions in Mobileye Global during the fourth quarter.
    • Institutional investors and hedge funds collectively own 1.38% of Mobileye Global’s stock.

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The investments made by various institutional investors and hedge funds reflect positive sentiment and confidence in Mobileye’s future performance. Such investments can influence market perception and potentially attract further attention from investors, which may contribute to increased market capitalization and growth opportunities for the company.

2. RoboSense Joins NVIDIA Omniverse Ecosystem

    • RoboSense, a provider of smart LiDAR sensor systems, has joined the NVIDIA Omniverse ecosystem to accelerate the development and testing of its sensor technology.
    • RoboSense’s second-generation smart solid-state LiDAR model is integrated into NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, built on Omniverse, allowing for high-fidelity sensor simulation and access to state-of-the-art LiDAR for autonomous vehicle development and testing.
    • NVIDIA Omniverse is a reference application that provides digital twin environments for developing and testing autonomous driving systems, enabling diverse and repeatable testing scenarios at scale.
    • RoboSense will use the Omniverse platform to test and validate its LiDAR systems and provide ADAS developers with accurate simulation models.
    • RoboSense’s M-Series LiDAR, implemented in various vehicle models, features a revolutionary scanning architecture with dynamic scanning modes and patterns, improving vehicle perception in complex environments.
    • By joining the Omniverse ecosystem, RoboSense allows developers to create complex road environments with high physical accuracy using its LiDAR model on the DRIVE Sim platform.
    • The collaboration aims to improve the perception capabilities of autonomous vehicles and promote the development of the global automotive and autonomous driving industries.

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The partnership between RoboSense and NVIDIA’s Omniverse ecosystem signifies a step forward in accelerating the development and validation of autonomous driving technology. The integration of advanced LiDAR technology into the simulation platform has the potential to enhance the capabilities of autonomous vehicles and drive further innovation in the industry.

3. EASE Logistics is first in U.S. to deploy automated trucking technology on revenue-generating routes

    • EASE Logistics, based in Columbus, Ohio, is deploying automation technology for connected and automated trucking, aiming to create safer roadways and impact the future of transportation.
    • EASE has been selected as the host fleet partner for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and DriveOhio’s Rural Automated Driving Systems (ADS) project, making them the first in the U.S. to deploy this technology on revenue-generating routes.
    • The deployment of connected and automated trucking technology aims to provide valuable data to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation to develop national ADS policies.
    • EASE’s trucks equipped with A.I. vehicle-to-vehicle communication, nicknamed ‘Tom’ and ‘Jerry,’ will be visible on Ohio roadways during platooning mode. The lead truck controls speed, braking, and acceleration, while the following truck precisely matches its movement.
    • EASE has partnered with DriveOhio, ODOT, the Transportation Research Center (TRC), and Bosch to bring innovation to Ohio’s roads and pioneer safer and more efficient supply chain operations.
    • Highly specialized EASE drivers have undergone extensive training at the TRC and are conducting preliminary solo runs to monitor data transmission and identify optimal platooning routes in Ohio.
    • Platooning mode requires both trucks to have trained EASE drivers and will be engaged in specific weather, road conditions, and traffic situations. The driver of the follower truck can override platooning mode at any time, and the mode disengages automatically if another vehicle drives between the trucks.
    • EASE aims to develop and deploy smart technology initiatives to establish Ohio as a leading state in smart mobility innovation.

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EASE Logistics’ deployment of connected and automated trucking technology in collaboration with government agencies and technology partners showcases their dedication to pushing the boundaries of transportation innovation. The insights gained from this initiative will contribute to the development of safer and more efficient autonomous driving systems, benefiting the transportation industry as a whole.

4. Toyota to develop autonomous light vehicle run on Komatsu’s AHS

    • Komatsu and Toyota are collaborating on a joint project to develop an autonomous light vehicle (ALV) that will operate on Komatsu’s Autonomous Haulage System (AHS).
    • Komatsu has a track record of success with its AHS in various mine environments, ensuring safety and productivity.
    • Currently, when autonomous haul trucks and manual light vehicles share haulage roads, the trucks may need to slow down or stop to avoid collisions caused by human error.
    • The collaboration aims to address this issue and improve productivity by integrating autonomous haul trucks and automated ALVs controlled by the AHS.
    • Komatsu is working on a new management program for ALVs on its AHS supervisory system, while Toyota is developing ALVs capable of running automatically under AHS control.
    • A concept ALV is already being tested at proving grounds, and a proof of concept at a customer site is planned for around January 2024.

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The collaboration between Komatsu and Toyota represents a significant step toward enhancing safety and productivity in mining operations through the integration of autonomous haul trucks and ALVs. The successful development and implementation of this technology could have wider implications for the adoption of autonomous systems in various industries, driving efficiency and improving operational outcomes.

5. Hitachi Astemo Develops Autonomous Driving Technology That Enables Cooperative Behavior On Narrow Roads

    • Hitachi Astemo, Ltd. has developed an autonomous driving technology for passing oncoming vehicles on narrow roads.
    • The technology utilizes 3D sensing data from surrounding vehicle environment.
    • New stereo cameras with improved cost benefits are used to obtain 3D sensing data.
    • The demand for autonomous driving is increasing to solve social issues like traffic congestion and support special needs transportation.
    • Predicting risks of complex pedestrian behavior and sudden appearances is crucial for safe autonomous driving on public roads.
    • LiDAR and stereo cameras provide 3D sensing information for safe driving trajectory planning and control.
    • Astemo’s previous technologies focused on collision prevention and safe deceleration.
    • Astemo has also developed hazard prediction and avoidance driving technology.
    • Hitachi Astemo’s new technologies enable smooth passing automated driving on narrow roads.
    • Three-dimensional information from sensing is integrated to understand the driving environment and oncoming vehicle behavior.
    • Route prediction is performed to coordinate with oncoming vehicles.

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These developments highlight the continuous efforts of Hitachi Astemo in advancing autonomous driving technology. By incorporating advanced sensing capabilities, hazard prediction, and route coordination, they are contributing to the realization of safe and efficient autonomous driving systems.

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